A Warm Welcome





The sleeping units  provide for the separation of larger breeds/smaller breeds,  older dogs and dogs with medical issues.

 For larger breeds, our north facing insulated brick sleeping units are very   generously sized with the largest in excess of nine square metres!

For smaller breeds, older dogs and those with certain medical issues, the “dog house” is a separate free standing fully insulated building, north facing with four spacious sleeping units. All feature great flow through ventilation and warmth.

There are eight spacious day yards, and again biggies and littlies have their own yards! Why so many yards? Because our guests are out and about for most of the day!


For our feline guests, ‘The Cat House” is sited well away from the dog area. It is fully insulated with great ventilation and is north facing to capture the morning sun. The tall trees provide excellent afternoon shade. For that special feline friend, there are three secure above ground sundeck/balcony units , perfect for the indoor/outdoor cat ( access is naturally restricted at night !)

We maintain extremely  strict standards for vaccinations, tick/flea control and animal health. Please refer to our conditions page in the menu.

Inspections are a pleasure, by appointment only. Please phone us for a chat 02 44436704, or email.

Thank You

Richard & Win.